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"Dr. Derman has done absolute WONDERS for my 15 year old beagle, Moe. Our experience with Dr. Derman and his expertise in pet chiropractic’s started about 4 years ago when Moe was about 11. His back had gone out so badly that he couldn’t even cross the threshold of our front door. He was in severe pain and the vet office told us that he would need to go to Penn and have surgery. We were medicating him to no effect. We reached out to Dr. Derman who happened to be in the area that day. He made a house call. Honestly, the fact that he would go out of his way to come and try to help Moe when he was suffering, speaks volumes of how we feel about Dr. Derman.


My sister in law was at home with Moe at the time and let Dr. Derman in. When I got home, I couldn’t believe it, Moe was almost all better!!! Still a little sore and stiff? Yes. But he was back to himself and was able to maintain his frisky energetic antics thereafter with regular adjustments by Dr. Derman. Just last month Moe’s back went out horribly again (we had put off his checkup several times due to busy schedules). Once again, Moe could barely move. By now Moe has a heart condition and is on 3 medications for his heart. The pain medication had a conflict and reduced one of his heart medication’s effects so time was of the essence to find him relief. Of course this all happened on a weekend when everyone is out of the office. Dr. Derman would not be able to see Moe until Tuesday at the earliest. I took a chance and emailed Dr. Derman that evening. He responded that night to call him in the morning. The next morning, Dr. Derman made another house call and fixed Moe back up!! Moe had such immediate relief that after the adjustment he lay on the couch next to Dr. Derman and promptly fell asleep!


People think I’m crazy when I tell them my dog has a chiropractor but I cannot emphasize enough how much Dr. Derman has done for my best friend and how much we appreciate his caring concern for animals in pain. Moe has enjoyed moving freely and maintaining his younger dog habits while other dogs his age hobble in pain and are overly medicated when some of that could be helped with chiropractic adjustments. We believe in the practice and encourage anyone who is having problems to give it a try. – Chris and Nicole Squazzo"


Joan Tracey
    Medford, NJ

"Out of the blue our 13 year old golden retriever Jake came down with vestibular syndrome. This syndrome, while not life-threatening, is horrible to watch. The dog becomes very disoriented, can't maintain his balance and develops a head tilt. After Jake stabilized a little we immediately contacted Dr. Ray Derman. So far with four weekly chiropractic treatments, Jake has improved significantly. People who see Jake now say it's a miracle! Dr. Derman helped Jake walk again and the head tilt has almost disappeared. Chiropractic treatments especially for older dogs are extremely helpful. Jake is now enjoying his daily walks and is smelling every blade of grass! We highly recommend Dr. Derman for his very professional and compassionate treatment."


Joan Tracey
    Medford, NJ

"Treadwell finished 2nd at the WRA national today!! He ran like a machine with no lead changes in sight! He was one dumb mistake from winning the meet today...   Thank you so much for your help!!"



"I wanted to take a minute to drop you a line before things got too crazy for me with Easter.
The other day Target was hanging out with me in the kitchen (she is my shadow when I am home).
I was looking at her and was like "What is wrong here?" Nothing, nothing at all. Actually it was something very right. She was sitting!!! She hasn't sat in ages. She was always standing or laying down. I had figured it was due to arthritis and old age and it was just too painful for her anymore. I guess not. Thank you so much!!! I had hoped you could help her out some but this is way beyond what I had expected! I am thrilled. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

DJ, on the other hand, seems unchanged. I know you were a little dubious as to if you could do anything for my little Peg Leg. I figure we'll give it a few more times and see if anything changes. It in no way depreciates how I feel about your service though. "

Janelle Nelson
    Sunnyside Pet Services

"Our dachshund, Frank, has a history of back problems, as many Dachshunds do. X-rays revealed that he has calcified discs in his back during his first episode of not being able to walk and being in a lot pain. With substantial rest and medication treatment, Frank recovered from this first episode. His second episode of not being able to walk was more severe, and doctors felt he had “left side paralysis.” With extended rest, many medications, hydrotherapy, and eventually acupuncture treatment, Frank recovered after many months of pain. He could walk fine, but we noticed that he still seemed stiff and uncomfortable at times. Once we found out about Dr. Derman's animal chiropractor services, we scheduled a consultation. With Dr. Derman's adjustments, we noticed improvements in Frank's comfort level. If you saw Frank now, you would never know that he has a history of significant back problems. We continue to take Frank for adjustments with Dr. Derman about every seven weeks, (and acupuncture every few months) because we see the difference in his health. He has had only minor setbacks and when he does, he recovers quickly from them. Dr. Derman is kind and compassionate with animals. We don't know what we would do without his services."

    Lynda, Jim, & (Frank Furter) Gary

"Little Jimmy, named after the Legend Jimmy Hendrix, has been the greatest joy to my life. Extremely obedient, quick to learn good behavioral patterns and the most lovable pet anyone can hope for, even his yearly visits to the vet were mostly mundane and never more than just a routine. For six years Jimmy, enjoyed being outdoors and running up and down the stairs to reach any location of the house that brought him closer to me. He would also love sitting on his back legs for minutes at a time to gesture any needs, whether it was affection, hunger or bodily functions. He looked so adorable in such posture my quick response encouraged the behavior. Unaware of the extreme pressure this would create on his back I would make him do it for friends and family, he would gladly consent, especially when he was persuaded with a treat.

One afternoon on my way back home from work, I received a dreadful call about Jimmy being unable to walk and signaling extreme pain by his howling. I always knew Dachshunds' backs were fragile, I never thought my Jimmy's would cause him any problems. As soon as I arrived home, I picked him up, he was not able to walk and had had a bowel movement on the floor, something Jimmy never did. I placed him on my mother's lap on the passenger's seat, I wasn't even able to place him inside his crate, he was in so much pain, and drove to the nearest Veterinarian Clinic with a 24 hours Emergency Room facility. There the Doctor gave Jimmy a shot, I assumed it was something to ease the pain, it made him very sleepy. The Veterinarian proceeded to explain to me the delicacy of the issue, stating it being a congenital problem for Dachshunds. He explained Jimmy would have to have an MRI of his back, which would cost me approximately $2,500.00. After the MRI, it would be determined whether or not he needed surgery, in the event he did, the Vet explained the problem is not usually solved during the first procedure, it sometimes takes more than two, which would all be inpatient with admission bills to be paid. He finalized his consult by explaining, Jimmy would never be the same dog again, he would be on steroids for the rest of his life which would trigger a sudden weight gain, combined with his lack of exercise. Somehow I was supposed to maintain his weight on constant monitoring.

For two weeks I watched my dog change from agile and active to a sad, inactive and bed ridden puppy. Everyday I would tell myself he will get better even though the doctor never confirm such hopes. I would call my boyfriend crying, concerned about my dog. One night I received the best call anyone can under these circumstances, my boyfriend had spoken to Dr. Derman and after explaining my ordeal, Dr. Derman suggested seeing Jimmy as soon as possible. The very next day I packed Jimmy and we took a trip to see the one person that had offered me and my dog a grain of hope. After examining Jimmy, Dr. Derman, explained exactly where in his back was the injury and promised me Jimmy would be fine after a set of scheduled visits. I was able to see the immediate improvement during the very first session. Once Dr. Derman placed Jimmy on the floor, after performing a series of massages and therapeutic pressure movements with his hands on my dog's back, he was on his paws walking rather than laying and seemed to be feeling better. Dr. Derman asked me to be more cautious in the future, indeed he would never be the same dog again, but he is close to it after several visits to Dr Derman. Currently I am able to see the signs when Jimmy may be in need of a visit to his Chiropractor and always after all his sessions, he is so active and full of energy, it is great to see him play as if the problem never occurred.

Thanks to Dr. Derman, Jimmy is able to walk and run, he seems happy and loves his Chiropractor, which is a good sign since he is not very fond of his veterinarian J. I know I will have to be watchful of Jimmy's activities for the rest of his life, but what Dr. Derman was able to accomplish after thinking my dog would be living among Operating Rooms, is incredible. In my opinion Dr. Derman is a true Miracle Worker.. "

Ivonne  Fernandes

Dear Dr. Derman, After reading the testimonial by Sharon R. from Marlton, NJ and her "Miracle Dog". The 8 yr. old Red Doberman, Saatzo. I could only echo pretty much everything she said. With the exception, that my girl is a 10 yr. old Red Doberman, named Chelsea. Who now, thanks to you, has her life back. And, from here on, Chelsea will be known as "Miracle Dog II".

She is much happier and her eyes are brighter, than they have been in a very long time. And, now is driving not only me, but my other dogs and cat crazy, always wanting to play.

She may not be as quick as she used to be or as agile, she too has that "funky walk and run", but the point is that she can run. She still needs help getting into bed at night, but she tries to do on her own, and doesn't mind a little help from "Mom" anymore. She doesn't fall down as much as she did before, which was another problem we had, but she is so much better thanks to the continuing help (and treats) you give her.

Mostly, I, want to thank you for the hope you've given me. I know, you know how, important Chelsea is to me. And, now I know she can still be happy, and given the alternative, I'm glad she can just be. We will be forever grateful to you.

Michelle, Lindenwold, NJ


I'd like to share our experience with Dr. Ray Derman. Our 10 year-old miniature pinscher, King, had a sudden onset of paralysis. Early in the afternoon on a Sunday, he was running around as active as always, but by early evening he was unable to stand. Our vet was unavailable, so we ended up taking him to the emergency room at the University of Penn. We actually thought that he may have accidentally ingested one of my mother's medications.

After more than 6 hours in the emergency room, we were lead into a small exam room and told that our dog has a displaced disc in his cervical spine that was compressing nerves and causing the paralysis. The doctor proceeded to describe a surgery they were proposing in great detail and then proceeded to tell us the surgery would cost at least $5,000. Of course, there were no guarantees that he would even survive the surgery. We could not even imagine putting our poor little dog through the surgery described and asked for alternative treatments. The only alternative offered was steroids and we were not provided with much hope.

We took our dog home and saw our own veterinarian the next morning. She, too, gave a very grim prognosis. We were beginning to think that we were going to lose our dog. The poor thing could not move at all. He had no control over his bowels or bladder and couldn't even wiggle his tail.

Purely by accident, our local pet store gave us the name and number for Dr. Derman. We had never heard of chiropractic for a dog, but were willing to give it a try. We called Dr. Derman that Wednesday and he immediately saw us that afternoon. He took the time to explain the treatment and did not offer us any false hopes. King had his first treatment that day and by the next morning we were amazed to see that he could wag his tail and move his back legs. Within 4 treatments, King was able to crawl on his belly and less than a month later, he took his first steps. It has now been over 2 months since King's first treatment with Dr. Derman and he is able to walk. He sometimes loses his balance and isn't able to go up or down steps, but that is something we can live with. If he never progresses beyond this point, we will be happy to carry King up and down steps whenever necessary just to have the pleasure of him being around.

What Dr. Derman has been able to accomplish with King is, in our eyes, nothing short of a miracle. We are true believers and so very, very grateful we were referred to Dr. Derman. We hope we have many more happy years with our little dog.

Sincerely, The Freilings - Russ, Diana, Kristin and Russell

"The Miracle Dog...

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at C1-C2

After receiving the news at the veterinary hospital that Saatzo (an 8 yr old red Doberman) was paralyzed on her right side and that nothing short of a $7500 neck surgery would help her, I turned to the internet to do some research. Wobbler's Syndrome in Doberman's was widely publicized. After doing some research, I found that chiropractic care and neck braces were a successful means of controlling the Wobbler's without invasive surgery.

After a little more research, I found Dr. Ray. From the steroids and antibiotics Saatzo was given in the hospital, she was mobile with assistance. After the first treatment with Dr. Ray she was walking better on her own. By the end of the first month, she could go outside by herself, and I even found her at a slow trot one day. That was May 2006. Its now July 2006 and Saatzo amazes us each and every day. She is now able to climb the stairs to the second floor again, and has no problem making crazy attempts to chase the squirrels and rabbits who constantly invade her backyard. She has a funky looking walk and run, but the amazing thing is that she can actually do it!! We owe all of this to Dr. Ray. Without his help and support, I have no idea what we would have had to do, as the cost of surgery was not an option for us.

We thank him for everything and I wanted to let everyone know that there is always hope. We have a success story, and I'm sure there are many more out there. So for all of you who may be experiencing the same difficulties, there is a Ray of hope out there." Click here to view Saatzo's x-ray (pdf).

Sharon R., Marlton, NJ

"My dog Cody, a 2 year old Golden Retriever, was suffering from frequent episodes of pain and a limp which got progressively worse over time. The painful episodes would occur at any time, and consisted of him crying out and laying down on the ground because he could not walk. After several minutes, he would get up, and then he would limp.

Extremely frustrated after spending thousands of dollars and not having any answers, my regular veterinarian suggested I see a chiropractor. The treatments started in September 2004. I am happy to say that Cody no longer limps, and his painful episodes are rare. He is able to run around, walk normally, and seems to be much happier. All of this thanks to Dr. Ray Derman and his treatments. Thank goodness I had a doctor who made the suggestion and introduced me to Dr. Derman, and thanks to Dr. Derman who treated Cody and has given him a new lease on life."

Michele M. Ridge

"Dear Dr. Derman, I have wanted to write this letter for a long time. I want to thank you for everything you have been doing to help my dog, Mugsy.

When you first started to work with him in March, 2003, Mugsy was unable to stand. Thanks to your skill, he is able to walk and enjoy a good quality of life. I not only thank you for your knowledge, but your caring and being there whenever there was a need.

This letter reflects the feelings of the entire family. Your caring, expertise, and friendship is very much appreciated."

Ruth Hausner-Rowley

"Dear Dr. Derman, I can't begin to tell you what a difference you've made in the lives of Muffy, Tootsie, Jenkins & Loverboy.  Actually, nothing expresses it better than the dogs themselves.  They have never been happier or more interactive with all of their family members and friends.  Their demeanor, their movement and their energy level were never better than they are right after your visit.  You have improved the quality of their lives.

Thank you.

Carolyn Nachmias, Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Yorktown Heights, NY,

"Thank you Dr Ray for helping my Borzoi, Freezette, have a happy and healthy 14th birthday!!!

After just two adjustments she went from stumbling and needing support to get around, to walking on her own in a straight line and going up and down steps at a brisk pace with no problem. She shows no signs of discomfort. It was a great comeback, thanks to your skill, talent and your remarkable way with animals.

Ariel Duncan, Hounds of the Wild Hunt

"Sasha is a 7 year old Shitzu. One morning when she was about four years old, I greeted Sasha in the morning to find she was listless and having trouble getting up or moving around at all. We went to our veterinarian, who has treated all of my pets for over 30 years. After taking x-rays, which showed no spinal problems, and prescribing pain pills, Sasha was not making any progress. She had to be carried everywhere and even needed assistance in eating her food. After two weeks of treatment and no relief, our veterinarian suggested we might try Dr. Ray Derman, an animal chiropractor.

Dr. Derman thoroughly explained Sasha's condition and his plan of treatment. After one treatment, I could see a marked improvement in Sasha. Now she was able to stand and hobble around a bit. I could see relief in her expression. We went back for a second treatment in a few days, and with that, there was great improvement. She was almost completely back to her old self. I was amazed.

Dr. Derman did for Sasha what conventional medicine could not do. We still see Dr. Derman for maintenance to keep Sasha pain free. She appears to understand when we are going to see Dr. Derman and I believe she welcomes the treatment because she knows it helps her.

I can't thank Dr. Derman enough for giving Sasha her happy life back."


Ray E. Derman, D.C., C.V.C.P.
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Whenever considering equine or canine chiropractic care, it is important that you first discuss the appropriateness of this type of treatment with your Veterinarian. If your Veterinarian examines your dog or horse and feels that chiropractic care is appropriate, Dr. Derman is available to assist in a healing solution.